About Todd

Todd has dedicated two decades chronicling the lives of people and businesses while watching over Rochester with his reporting and work in the private sector. Now he wants to put his diverse background and heartfelt interest in the city he calls home to serve in the Monroe County Legislature representing the people of the 23rd district.

My Pledge to the People of Rochester

The Monroe County Legislature must work to improve the lives of our children by enacting change within Child Protective Services (CPS) and advocating for increased funding to support early intervention services. Children are our future and no longer can be put on a waiting list for early intervention services. Funding for workers who serve our children also must be increased to ensure adequate pay for the essential work they provide.

The County Legislature must work harder to find more opportunity for our youth seeking employment by matching more job seekers with employers and ensure adequate training resources are available for the under qualified, including those seeking work in the trades.

Collaboration and partnership will be my guide – not political partisanship, personal gain or professional advancement. Government must be accountable and transparent to the people it serves while enacting change that fairly represents the diversity of our community.

I will work with elected leaders at all levels of government to continue the fight against opioid addiction and advocate for more resources for those on the frontlines of the epidemic working toward a healthy and safe community.

It is essential that we work together to address poverty by creating coalitions within our neighborhoods and business community that can help bridge the equality gap by ensuring our children stay in school to assure economic opportunity as adults. If we focus greater attention on the well-being of businesses in our community through smart economic development initiatives, businesses both small and large have a better chance to help provide the job opportunities our community desperately needs.

I promise to fight for equality, including equal rights on behalf of women, the LGBTQ community and everyday workers, including the men and women who work for Monroe County. I will stand with workers who have retired from service with Monroe County to ensure County government honors contracts with its retirees. Anything less is unacceptable.

I will advocate tirelessly for the Rochester community to secure equitable funding for our region to support education, economic development, human services and neighborhoods. I understand the importance of relationships and will be visible, engaged and accessible to constituents by holding regular office hours to listen to and discuss issues. By working together and using the myriad of resources available to those who call Monroe County home, we can and must do better.

My commitment and interest in giving back to Rochester by serving in government is sincere. I pledge to deliver on behalf of the people of the 23rd Legislative District and will never take for granted the confidence you place in me as your legislator.

Thank you.

Todd Grady, Democratic Candidate, Monroe County Legislature

Todd’s Top Priorities

I will fight to:

  • Enact change that fairly represents the diversity of our community.
  • Enact change within Child Protective Services (CPS) to better protect our children and families.
  • Ensure Rochester is getting its fair share of state and federal aid to fight poverty, adequately fund early childhood intervention services, create economic development opportunities and ensure the health and safety of county residents, especially seniors.
  • Ensure contractual obligations for both current and retired employees of county government are fulfilled.
  • Strengthen neighborhoods, and protect and beautify parkland.
  • Advocate for fiscally responsible management of the $1.2 billion county budget.
  • Advocate for transparent county government, including live streaming of monthly County Legislature meetings.
  • Build coalitions among educational institutions, employers and job seekers to address the labor shortage in the trades by improving the pool of qualified workers, especially among our youth.
  • Expand Monroe County’s “Make Monroe Home” program in partnership with BOCES that transforms “zombie homes” into affordable housing for county residents.
  • Advocate for more resources for those on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic, including Monroe County residents battling addiction.
  • Enact smart economic development initiatives to retain and attract both small and large businesses.

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